Næringsutvalget BI Oslo 

Næringslivsutvalget is a staff function under BISO at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. We act as a link between the students at BI and the business sector. Through events such as Company Presentations and Female Future Days we facilitate a greater interaction between students and their potential employers. Our vision is to make the distance from academia to employment as short as possible for the students at BI.

Today we are are a group of 60 active members, in addition to a growing alumni network. Our projects and events are all results of our members' enormous commitment and effort.

We can proudly say that we consist of a fair share of BI's finest students. Everything we do is of high professional degree, but there is no doubt that we also are a very social group of people. Throughout the year we gather at events such as the annual winter trip to Hemsedal, the new year party, a trip abroad, the summer party, and countless pre-parties and BI-parties.

Nærringslivsutvalget is the committee for people who have a can-do attitude and want to contribute and get involved for the students' best interests. We recruit new members every fall. If you are social and inclusive as well, there is no reason to doubt – apply for Næringslivsutvalget!

Do you want to be a member of NU?

We recruit new members every fall. A membership in Næringslivsutvalget gives you the possibility to get to know your future employer and to find connections within the business sector. We are looking for new members who are eager to contribute and are motivated and passionate to do a great job for Næringslivsutvalget and the students at BI. Dont hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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